EM86 - Project Status

September 22, 1997: EM86 Beta 2 (v0.2) now available

Better Late Than Never: After much anticipation, EM86 Beta 2 is now available from ftp.digital.com. This updated release offers the following exciting new features:

April 4, 1997: EM86 Beta 1 (v0.1) released

April 4, 1997: The Linux/Alpha team at Digital Equipment Corporation today is releasing a developers' beta version of EM86, a Linux/x86 emulator for Linux/Alpha. Using components of the award-winning DIGITAL FX!32 technology, EM86 is a software emulator that enables Linux/Alpha systems to run Linux/x86 software without modification.

EM86 currently supports statically linked and dynamically linked x86 ELF32 binaries under Linux/Alpha. Future enhancements will include support for iBCS-2 compliant executables, improved emulator performance, and interoperation with native Alpha code. A release incorporating these features is anticipated in July, 1997.

We are releasing a beta version of EM86 at this time to provide Linux developers early access to the software, to aid in the verification of software packages, and to provide feedback and bug reports to the Linux/Alpha team.

EM86 has been tested on the following packages and appears to run them successfully:

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